Friday 11 April 2014

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Last Sunday, a bunch of Waverley Park kids – including those who star in the Southern Steel sponsored “Clicked Yet?” road safety campaign - were courtside guests as the Steel hosted the Mystics. Our kids got to provide the banners and artwork for the Steel’s dressing room; the guard of honour for both teams as they came onto the court; watch the game from premium complimentary seats; AND to see themselves featuring in the ad when it played for the first time on the big screens at the new stadium.

The positive feedback we’ve received is possibly outstripped only from the size of the buzz the kids themselves got from their big “Steel week”.

Thanks Southern Steel for the opportunities and experiences; good luck for the rest of the campaign. And thanks to our Waverley Park kids – once again - a fantastic ad for our school: we’re proud of you all.

Daniel, Cormac, Abby and Mahayla (both obscured); with Road Safety Southland’s (and ex Waverley Park BOT Chair) Maureen Deuchrass; watching the ad from below the big screen.

Thanks Miriam…

This term, we’ve had the services of Miriam Erikson sharing room 7 with Janelle. Unfortunately, circumstances unforeseen and beyond Miriam’s control, mean that she is unable to continue in the role next term. We have enjoyed having her as part of our team – and we look forward to her doing the odd spot of relieving for us as and when circumstances allow. 

We are working on a Plan B as we speak – we’ll let you know what’s happening as soon as arrangements are formalised.


Friday 4 April 2014

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As the first term streams towards the finish line (just where did those weeks ago?); we’ve only just swallowed the last of the Christmas cake - and the hot cross buns are already well-established at the end of every second aisle in the supermarket.


Start of year conversations.

Thanks for joining in. Obviously, those conversations differ from child to child; teacher to teacher – and, in case we’re not mistaken - that well could be because every child is different. As in: each child is an individual; as are their parents; and their teachers. Unsurprisingly, the kids’ ages, stages, needs and circumstances are individual too; so each needs to be treated individually.

Different approaches to conducting them have also been a feature of the 2014 discussions. Consequently, some families have had the traditional ten-minute slots on Wednesday / Thursday this week. Others have had longer (some much longer) discussions with teachers; who have conducted them right through the term – something that all teachers will be doing next year, because different kids, and families, need different things.

To quote Associate Minister for Climate Change Issues, Tim Groser, “One size does not fit all.” He was speaking in reference to government not taking a hands-on approach to solving NZ climate change issues (National Radio 1 April 2014). “We still think it's better to give generalised approaches and let local communities work through that process within their own democratic frameworks," he said.

Odd then that, despite the insurmountable evidence to the contrary: the same philosophy is not being applied by the same government to educating the country’s children. By their very nature, National Standards demand that “one size fits all” (or more accurately): all will be made to fit one size – irrespective of their individual circumstances.

The thoroughly well researched and globally well-received New Zealand Curriculum was designed precisely to “give generalised approaches and let local communities work through that process within their own democratic frameworks” in terms of implementing the school curriculum.

Ironic……….if it wasn’t so serious. We’re being groomed to face dramatic global climate change with a population doomed to an increasingly narrow, conformist education based on everyone being required to tick the box instead of being taught to think outside of it. Not exactly a recipe for success, is it?


Friday 28 March 2014

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On just about any night you care to mention (including well after dark); we have teachers working at school. Consequently, they see who’s in the school grounds …and when.  It’s fair to say that we don’t expect to see our kids here late on school nights in particular (or 11.00pm on weekends either). So…

Do you know…

Where your kids are – particularly at night? Or who they are hanging out with in the weekends? Or what they’re doing? Please be aware:

-      of where your kids are and what they’re doing;

-      that the school grounds are open to the public - anyone could be here at any time outside of school hours;

-      that, while for the most part, the general public causes no trouble;

-      that not everyone qualifies for a “Citizen of the Week Award” either;

-      that staff will call the police should there be any question of inappropriate activity on the school grounds – no matter who’s involved.

Thanks – our intention is simply to keep our kids, our staff and our grounds safe… at all times.


Start of year conversations…

Book your conversation time with your child’s teacher at Enter XNDU5 as the event code; select your child’s teacher from the list and book your time. (If you don’t have the interweb, we can do it for you).

Some of you don’t have to book. If your child is in …

Room 5: your child has only been here a few days;

Room 4: you’ve had your one month interviews anyway;

Room 3: you’ve already had a discussion with Brenda;

Room 11: you’ve done the same with Helen.

Room 1: Already pre-booked Wednesday interviews will go ahead but as Mrs Gerrard is on leave from Thursday she will make arrangements at the beginning of Term 2 to see all other parents.

Please notethe kids finish at lunch time on Wednesday 2 April (in order to be able accommodate everyone over the two days); BUT not on Thursday 3 April when school finishes at the usual time. Bookings close 9.00am on Monday.

Nice job 1…

The Waverley Park kids did really well against the top competition in the region at last weekend’s Southland Athletics championships. Here are some of the stand outs of the day

9 years Discus-Girls

3rd - Kaysha 

5th - Ruta 


9 years 100m & 200m Boys 

3rd  both events –


9 years Shot Put - Girls

2nd - Ruta 

Relays-Phoenix teams

8 years Girls - 6th


9years Girls - 4th


9 years Boys - 4th


10 years Girls - 6th


10 year Boys - 3rd


Principal’s Desk…

This is the link to my blog on the school website. On that blog, I’ve put a few links to different writers on educational “reform”. As a professional educator, I have serious concerns for the future of quality public education in New Zealand; which is under far greater threat than even most teachers seem to realize. The links are an attempt to connect anyone interested with information that does not come from this government’s ‘spin machine’.  The information and viewpoints are presented in ways better than I could do. Please consider reading them – your kids’ futures are being played with again.

Priscilla – smiling – BEFORE being launched and discovering why you wear your seatbelt. The Southern Steel Road Safety sled was here today. While some of the senior classes discovered the physics of a sudden stop; others were being filmed for an advert as part of the Southern Steel’s Road Safety initiative.


Friday 21 March 2014

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On Wednesday night, we had the privilege of listening to the laid-back Jackie Bristow in concert.  A very talented singer-songwriter - Gore-born but now based in Los Angeles; she and her long-time guitarist Mark Punch, a Sydney-sider who can really play, delivered a very full sound that belied the fact that there were only two musicians on stage. After the interval, her guest artists the Waverley Park School choir joined them on-stage for three songs.

The kids have been rehearsing for the last few weeks under the direction of Pauline Scott. Their one run-through with Jackie was a short burst during the sound check. It was great to watch and listen to them – for many of the younger ones in particular, this was their first real experience of live performance. We are very proud of how they stepped into the opportunity and up to the challenge – as were many in the appreciative audience.

Jackie and the kids in one of the “ooooooh” bits…

Thanks: to our kids and Pauline for how they represented us; to Jackie Bristow for the chance to participate (and Chris Chilton for pointing her in our direction); and to the Invercargill Christian Centre for the superb venue. It was a Wednesday night very well-spent.

You can check out our resident paparazzi’s raw footage at

Start of year conversations…

Book your conversation time with your child’s teacher at Enter XNDU5 as the event code; select your child’s teacher from the list and book your time. (If you don’t have the interweb, we can do it for you).

Some of you don’t have to book. If your child is in …

Room 5: your child has only been here a few days;

Room 4: you’ve had your one month interviews anyway;

Room 3: you’ve already had a discussion with Brenda;

Room 11: you’ve done the same with Helen.

Please note: the kids finish at lunch time on Wednesday 2 April (in order to be able accommodate everyone over the two days); BUT not on Thursday 3 April when school finishes at the usual time.

Bookings close 9.00am on Monday 31 March.




Friday 14 March 2014

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“The Wall” - two words, which, in different contexts, mean totally different things: China; Berlin; Jerusalem; Pink Floyd; Game of Thrones; athletics…

Athletes refer to “hitting the wall” (loose definition: a state of physical exhaustion caused when the body’s supply of glycogen is burned and waste products and fatigue poisons build up in the muscles faster than they can be eliminated, and you feel too fatigued to continue). Common among endurance athletes in particular, term itself reflects the fact that runners hitting the wall often look like they have quite literally run into an obstacle. 

And you could see it happen to a few runners at the 150 mark of the 200 metre event at the Phoenix Zone athletics on Tuesday: they were giving everything they had.

That aside: the event went without a hitch; primarily due to good weather, good support from families; and good work from staff and kids alike.   Thank you for your presence and assistance at both venues.



Meet Maia (right): As one astute eight year old competitor said: “I think I just saw the next Valerie Adams!” He might be right – don’t let her relaxed stance fool you - Maia blitzed the field by a good two metres…

Go Will go! If determination counted (and it did); Will (left) was determined to hand over the baton with the Waverley Park ten year old boys relay team in an even stronger position (and he did)…Meantime, at the junior sports, a group of likely lads had a plan. Cormac: “If we hide in here, they’ll never, ever find us… Oh! Umm … ah ... y’see ... oops...

Congratulations and good luck to…

All Waverley Park athletes who qualified for the Southland Primary School Athletics Camps at Surrey Park next Saturday:

60m: 8y – Boys Sam

100m: 9y – Boys Ryan; 10y – Girls Tayla

200m: 9y – Boys Ryan; 9y – Girls Hannah;

10y – Girls Nicole

800m Ryan

Relays 8ys Boys- Sam; 8yrs Girls- Abbey, Josie. 9yrs Girls- Hannah; Res- Keesha

9yrs Boys- Ryan; Toby; Res- Joshua. 10yrs Boys- Ryan; William.

10yrs Girls- Tayla

Discus: 9Y Girls- Ruta; Kaysha

Shot Put: 9y Girls- Ruta. 9y Boys- Joshua. 10y Boys - Joahquin; Draysharn

High Jump: 10y Boys - Ryan; 10y Girls - Kiera; Brianna.


Annual school donation

The Board of Trustees has retained unchanged for yet another year, the school annual donation request:

 $60.00 for the first child in a family

 $90.00 if you have two or more Waverley kids.

In advance; thank you for your donations: they make a big difference to what we can or cannot do for our kids.

Please note: school donations are a legitimate claim against your tax return – keep your receipts.


Free chocolate fish!

Yup – we send home the profile sheet containing the information we currently have for your kid; you either…

- check that it’s still accurate, sign it and send it back; or

- update it, sign it and send it back. (Can y’see the trend?)

Every single Waverley Park kid who hands their signed profile sheet into the office by Monday 24 March gets a chocolate fish – gutted, and ready to eat - guaranteed!


Did you know that you must…

Contact us each time your child is absent? Did you also know that we have a variety of user-friendly ways you can do that?

Ph:       217 9332

Fax:     217 9359

Txt:       022 3179332

Email: Subject: Absence

Note:    (only if the sibling you send it with has a proven track record of remembering heat-ups, newsletters etc


Direct from the USA…

Singer/songwriter and 2014 Winner

Westpac Southland Music Ambassador

Jackie Bristow

Special Guests: Waverley Park School Choir

7.30pm Wednesday 19 March

Invercargill Christian Centre - Leet St

Tickets on sale from the school office now… $20 per seat

Choir-kids-only: special offer: $15 per seat for an adult accompanying one of our choir kids; $10 for the second seat if there are two of you.

$20 seats only available at Trevor Daly Music Works