Friday 28 November  2014

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Well Tuesday was quite a humbling day really; thank you to everyone for the multitudes of birthday greetings: appreciated. There was quite a bit of humour to be had from the scores of kids (and staff) who took the opportunity to dress in what is apparently my “signature style”. (I’ve never actually thought of it that way. Despite the best efforts of my in-house stylist to amend my more ‘bogan’ tendencies: the reality is that I’ve always dressed for comfort at work because - basically- I live there!).

Betcha can’t spot the real one!

Kids and staff alike contributed to make what turned out to  be quite a memorable day: a real achievement considering the “no-fuss-please - I mean it!” gene that is a strong feature of my inherited DNA make up.

Thanks again Waverley Park - you truly are fine people.

 Volleyball NZ...

CEO Paul Cameron, Operations Manager Julie Carpinter, and Volleyball Southland Development Officer Donna Milne came to school on Thursday specifically to express their thanks to the Tuinga Tahi kids for performing at the opening ceremony of the National Secondary Schools Tournament on Monday night. In front of their biggest live audience yet, the kids really made an impression; so much so that Paul Cameron reshuffled his schedule so he could personally thank the kids. Part of the thanks includes free admission to the the rest of the tournament to any Waverley Park student wearing their school polo shirt ($2.00 for anyone going with them. With the beach volleyball part of the tourni just getting started; that’s a mighty fine offer. Thanks - appreciated!


Camp La Bafta Awards…

Last night saw the 2014 version of the annual post-camp awards. Something now of a tradition: the night allows year six students, their families and teachers to see the camp movie - video clips and photo montages from the event; formally acknowledge the on-camp adult supporters; and to announce the winners of the Camp La Bafta trophies. Usually limited to two; this year four were awarded to reflect the sheer number of kids who attended.


To be awarded a trophy, winners need to have showed that they gave everything a go - especially when challenged, and to have been positive participants in every facet of camp life; including their contributions as team members. Winners are determined from input from adults and kids alike.

To be awarded a trophy, winners need to have showed that they gave everything a go - especially when challenged, and to have been positive participants in every facet of camp life; including their contributions as team members. Winners are determined from input from adults and kids alike.


Mitchell, Jaden, Mollie and Will: deserved winners of the 2014 Camp La Baftas.




Friday 21 November  2014

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The great ‘Rabbie’ Burns once wrote something about “the best laid plans a moose and men oft gang awry. And so it was that in last week’s newsletter, principalian typing skills did indeed gang awry - albeit briefly.

The upshot is that in congratulating Ma’am’selles Lauren Bailey and Seryn McDermott on their Media Mash Awards finals appearance; Lauren inadvertently came through the prof-reading process as ‘Laura’. Sincere apologies for any distress caused Laurel - we have taken robust steps to ensure that it doesn’t happen again.


Update - Seryn and Lauren win!

At last night’s red-carpet event, room 6’s Lauren Bailey and Seryn McDermott went home with the years 0-3 e-book winner’s prize; and very Oscar-esque statuette!

To add to the night’s success; the room 11 girls (Gemma McAllister, Abby Barraclough, Kate McNaughton, Kheelan Thompson-Tonga, and Ruby McDonald were third in the years 4-6 documentary section with their “Cyber Bullying” message.  features in the finals of the documentary section. An additional highlight was Ruby McDonald’s live performance of her original song from “Cyberbullying”. Check it out here:

And the winners are….Waverley Park kids we are proud of.




Friday 14 November  2014

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(………….now there are only five more Friday’s ‘til Christmas……just where did the last five go?). Anyhoo - things relentlessly roll on. 

Media mash finals...

Courtesy of some talented kids; Waverley Park features in the finals of the 2014 Media Mash Awards! Congratulations to Seryn and Laura (room 6); finalists with “A Day in the Life of a Principal” in the e-book section; and Gemma, Abby, Kate, Kheelan, and Ruby (Room 11) whose “Cyber Bullying” service message features in the finals of the documentary section. All the best ladies for next Thursday night’s Awards Ceremony being staged at the Invercargill Christian Centre. Whether you win or not - it is a major achievement getting to be in the top three in your respective sections - well done.

Check them out




Friday 31 November  2014

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Nga mihi nui.

 The life of the school charges on: swimming, touch, miniball; kids performing at the Ascot Retirement Village; teachers at a first aid course; others at an athletics coaching course: and on Wednesday night, a bunch of willing whanau came to a hui to begin organizing our end of year community hangi.

This will take place in the school grounds at 5.00 - 5.30pm on Friday 12 December as both an end of our inquiry celebration ; and a Waverley Park community get together at the end of the school year. We look forward to the event and the food (both of which the kids will have had some part in preparing).

(If you have access to meat, bread, hangi-friendly vegetables - we’d love to hear from you. The more can collect via koha, the better for everyone.)

Speaking of thanks…

Thanks to everyone who’s helping out with the swimming. Your assistance combined with the smaller of numbers of kids in each cycle makes for a much more relaxing time all-round! Good work.

Board of Trustees…

The next meeting of our BOT takes place on Monday night; the usual 7.00pm start. As usual - you are most welcome to attend. (And congratulations too to Mel Smith - the newest trustee to join the team).


Dear Parents/Caregivers,

For Values this term our focus is INTEGRITY ( just knowing it’s the right thing to do ).  So for this we are doing Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes filled with small gifts to be given to deserving children in our city.  To achieve this goal I am asking the children to give what they can. It’s the thought that counts and this is not to be a burden but rather an opportunity to help and do the right thing by others.  

The gifts are to be simple and obviously small enough to fit into a shoebox.  Handmade gifts would be great and I’m sure treasured by the receiver if your child wishes to give of their time and talents.  The only thing that would not be acceptable would be food items for obvious reasons.  Thanks for your cooperation in this matter and I look forward to reporting back on how blessing the children of our city went.


Rex Scott

Camp La Bafta Celebration…

This will be held in the school hall on Thursday 27 November starting at 6.45pm.  Gold coin entry.

Kaatje, Hayley, Shanaya, and Keesha - supporting the Placemakers team on the Tour of Southland on Monday......not everyone agreed though...



Friday 31 October  2014

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Nga mihi nui.

What a week! Our year six kids had a great camp and - for some of them -  faced an immediate turn round and straight into extensive Tuinga Tahi rehearsals Sunday, Monday, Tuesday; with Nga Putangitangi competitions following on the Wednesday. While they may not have won any trophies this time - Te Wharekura o Arowhenua were the dominant roopu this year (our sincere congratulations to them too); Tuinga Tahi were placed second or third in all but one of the competition sections. The kids gave a powerful and, at times, haunting performance in their salute to the Maori Battalion and war veterans in general. The team took to the stage in their uniforms replete with red poppies; and black armbands in honour of Kaumatua Riki Cherrington who had passed away the day before. (Koro Riki was responsible for naming Tuinga Tahi when Raiha Johnson originally launched the group; he holds a special place in the hearts and minds of many, many people in Murihiku).

 Congratulations are due to the kids; their very hard-working tutor Awhina Mataira and her side-kick Irihapeti Beattie; and their support team led by Sharon Witheford and Fiona Walker: it was an outside-the-box routine and a performance that drew tears of emotion from members of the audience and judging panel alike: we are very proud of how our school was represented. Thanks too, to Jade Halford (SGHS) for her skills on the cornet - providing a moment of real impact and another point of difference for the roopu. Tuinga Tahi indeed lived up to and demonstrated well - kia kaha; kia maia; kia manawanui.

Year 6 Camp at 'Tautuku'...

We would like to thank all our parent helpers; Jacqui McAllister, Kate Buchanan, Glen Edwards, Nikki Stodart, Andrew McNaughton, Paul Tomlins, Sally Bailey, Brad Anderson, Melinda Prekopa (camp nurse), Dave Dockerty, Nathan White and Michele Barraclough: you were an outstanding group of parents to take on camp.  The kids had a huge amount of confidence, respect and trust in your leadership! You encouraged and backed the kids all the way, giving them faith in themselves, to tackle activities that they did not think were possible. The interaction between yourselves and your groups was a pleasure to watch.

This is a camp that the kids will not forget. Much was achieved, relationships were built, plenty of laughter transpired.  Memories were shaped that will last for a very long time to come. We also wish to acknowledge Vanessa Young: camp chef; cooked for 70 people.  The menu was absolutely fantastic and the food top notch. We have asked if Vanessa will continue in this role at future camps.....  we think she will be keen!

Special mention also needs to be made to Rex Scott.  The camp booklets, bandanas, camp banner and evening programme were all prepared and organised by Rex. He is another big part of our camp ethos.

We were lucky in having two experienced Adventure Southland instructors (Amy and Maizie) take the kayaking and abseiling and help organise the other activities at camp.  It's great having this level of expertise in the ranks.

For those of you that have a Year 6 student in 2015: please put a ring around these dates on your calendar, 29/30 October: this is when we will head back to Tautuku for another exciting camp. -   Helen Kennedy, Brenda Devery, Sharon Witheford & Kerry Hawkins

Abby Hungergames - just before she let go.

Jaden Evinrude - just before he let go...And Will Hillary - just before he let go!