Friday 04 July 2014

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Newsletter volume twenty: the half-time whistle in the school year! Despite it having been a nine week term, it’s been a fairly full on one and many of the kids will benefit from having a break. There aren’t too many changes coming up for the start of term three: Kim Mead returning to room 2 being the most obvious. We are indebted to Jacqui Paulin for doing such a fine job in minding the fort while Kim was swanning around the globe.

However… this is not “farewell Miss Paulin”: the Board of Trustees has agreed to keep Jacqui on board. To help us make sure all new entrants get the best deal we can provide, she will be joining Shona Hoffman in room 5 and sharing the teaching load in there. Based on the currently “known to be starting soon five-year-olds”: Jacqui and Shona will end up with a class of new entrants each – probably for the start of term 4.

At the other end of the school, Sharon Witheford will be teaching groups of year 5 & 6 kids from room 3 and 11; both of which have roll numbers in the mid-thirties. The BOT is supporting this initiative too; for the same reason that they are supporting the room 5 initiative: it’s about the kids getting more “teacher-time” as the teacher-pupil ratio is better. 


Disco dilemmas…

Our apologies to the families who missed out on the junior disco in particular. For safety reasons, numbers (and therefore ticket sales) have to be limited. It has not been an issue in the past – we’ve been able to accommodate everyone who wanted a ticket. The popularity of the event was not anticipated – this is the first time tickets have been sold out. It didn’t help either that some people were told that there would be door sales – apologies for that too.

For future such events: there will never be door sales – pre-purchase will be necessary; and to improve access to the junior event - year four students will get access to the senior disco only.

Like many other sufferers: Patrick and Coupar found it impossible to get their night out photographed without some ‘random’ bombing the moment... (check out our FB page: see?)Waverley Park School Facebook Page


Your involvement with your kids’ mid-year progress checks is appreciated; by students and teachers alike. Some of you have appointments for your year 5 & 6 learners scheduled for next term; thank you for that flexibility – it is appreciated.

Te Kotahitanga

HEADS UP! MAORI WHANAU HUI next term; date still to be set. All Waverley Maori whanau welcomed and encouraged to attend. - Mrs J, Mrs Burdon & Mrs Marley



- Saturday 12th July, 11am-12pm in staffroom

- Sorting uniforms into correct sizes

- Allocating uniforms, waistbands and headbands into specified numbers. Anyone able to help will be appreciated: 

 Mā pango, mā whero, ka oti te mahi / when we unite the work will soon be done :) - Mrs J


Friday 27 June 2014

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The second-last week of term two has been an intense one for our staff in particular. One of the challenges of working in an environment that is knee-deep in kids is the “excitement” of being exposed to the wide range of colds, flus, viruses, bugs ‘n beasties that the kids may or may not be sharing at any one time.

The current selection includes a couple of show stoppers, which are proving very hard to get rid of, and have resulted in people having being off work for several days at a time. This issue is not confined to our school – relieving teachers have been pretty hard to find lately.

Hopefully, the upcoming student break will also be a “bug break” and stop infecting the fresher meat, as ‘twere.

Today, Te Kotahitanga - our ‘big’ kapa haka roopu - welcomed students from Rimu School who came looking for some inspiration as they get their own kapa haka roopu up and running. It was pleasure to have them here and gave our team the motivation to lift their performance too: good timing with Polyfest 2014 not so very far away.

Mid-year reports…

These were given to your kids today. We’ve listened to your feedback – they are now far less wordy and hopefully, easier to understand. The main thing to remember is to bring any questions you might have to talk about next week.

Bookings are closing …

Bookings for mid-year kid – parent – teacher progress conversations close at 9.00am Monday 30 June. To book your timeslots; simply go to and type SU5C7 into the event code box. From there, just follow the prompts.

(Please note that all kids will be released to come home at lunchtime on those two days).

Please remember to make any child care and transport arrangements necessary. Thanks.

If you haven’t got internet access at home, just drop into our office or see your child’s teacher and we’ll get it sorted here at school.

Thanks – these conversations are very useful for your kids in particular.


Thanks  for your feedback …

Cyber-safety expert John Parsons is nearing the end of his work with our senior classes – and we’ve already started receiving good feedback from parents.

One of the side-effects of higher awareness of cyber-safety is an increase in reporting of incidents – we are starting to see that too. This is exactly what we want - kids knowing what is and isn’t appropriate, and taking action accordingly.




Friday 09 May 2014

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Horizontal weather aside; the kids have had a productive week this week. Harold “He’s only a puppet” the Giraffe and his assistant Teresa; an enrichment programme group in Queen’s Park (see below); and a couple of visiting speakers: all this and getting ready for reports and interviews too.

A photo of Waverley Park School photographers taking a photo of a Waverley Park School photographer taking a photo of  Waverley Park School photographers …. confused?

Not if you were a member of the WPS enrichment group on a photography assignment in Queen’s Park this week.


Bookings are open …

Bookings for mid-year kid - parent - teacher progress conversations are open until 9.00am Monday 30 June.. Appointment times are available from1.15pm on each of Wednesday and Thursday; 2 & 3 July.

To book your timeslots; simply go to and type SU5C7 into the event code box. From there, just follow the prompts.

(Please note that all kids will be released to come home at lunchtime on those two days).

If you haven’t got internet access at home, just drop into our office or see your child’s teacher and we’ll get it sorted here at school.

Thanks – these conversations are very useful for your kids in particular.


Canteen reminder… 

There will be no Wednesday canteen operating for the rest of this term.



Friday 09 May 2014

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Welcome back. Our term has started well - thanks for asking though. The kids were very glad to see each other and the whingeing about being back at school was so small as to be negligible.

An unexpected highlight of the first week back was a visit from loop-artist Adam Page. Out of the blue on Monday, we got a call from Venture Southland’s Angela Newell. Adam had had a booking cancellation for Wednesday morning; would Waverley Park be interested in hosting him – for free? Those last two words made the offer irresistible.  So – in he rocked on Wednesday morning. A very pleasant and engaging young man; he had kids and staff alike eating out of his hand right from the get go. 

This is the very entertaining Adam Page performing with beard position one...

 and here he is with beard position two.

Adam is in town as part of the Southland Arts Festival  – he’s on at Waxy O’Shea’s from 9.00 tonight – check out the festival programme for his other dates.

And another thing…

A group of classes also headed off this week to Centrestage to see the SIT’s excellent production of the inimitable Spike Milligan’s “Bad Jelly the Witch”.

A cleverly-lit Jim the Eagle holding forth…

Part of our well-established practice of making arts opportunities a priority in our curriculum; the kids thoroughly enjoyed the show.

Like Adam Page’s performance; it is the very stuff that hooks a lot of kids into real learning. Already, by the end of Wednesday: some had researched Adam’s biography (yup - reading); some were reviewing his show (and writing); while others had got into ‘Garage Band’ and had set about recording their own compositions using his looping techniques (being both music and maths no less!).


Many Voices – One Heart…

Stadium Southland, Surrey Park Sports Centre, Isabella St, Invercargill  Sunday 18 May 2014, 7:00pm – 8:00pm

Join the immensely talented musical community of Southland for a one-night only special event in ILT Stadium Southland.

Singers, choirs (including ours – the only one from a primary school), bands and musicians of every genre will unite under the baton of award-winning musical genius, Matthew Salapu (aka Anonymouz).

Don't mistake this for a simple variety concert - it's musical fusion that will leave you breathless and wanting more!

Free admission - supported by Koha


‘What I done in me holidays’…

A writing topic that has dogged many a kid at the start of terms gone by (perhaps not worded quite so prosaically though) It’s not one that today’s Waverley Park kids are tortured with – unless they choose it for themselves.

Nevertheless…in the holidays, the Waverley Park staff members were hard at work: sometimes at school; sometimes at home; sometimes late at night (you could tell from the e-mail details).

However, last Friday, many of them were at the Tomairangi Marae for the day - learning new stuff to share this term with nga tamariki o Waverley Park School.


Dale, Shona, Justine and Fiona; all working together nicely …

The day was very capably led by Raiha Johnson, who willingly continues to share her talents with nga whanau o Waverley Park: thank you Raiha. Thanks are also due to nga whanau Tomairangi for once again allowing us the privilege of using your marae – kia ora tatou.